Women using media to voice up.

Feminisms matter  training  and debates will deal with the topics of women shaping media, empowering women
and girls through digital inclusion and women’s movements and advancing equality in the digital age, this will help women to connect and report cases of abuse and also connect with the world.

The advances in information and communication technologies represent a revolution in the way people interact among each other,
access information and services, communicate, work, and live

The international community has recognized the equal right to quality education of everyone and committed to achieving gender equality in all fields, including education, through their acceptance of international human rights law. This means that states have legal obligations to remove all discriminatory barriers, whether they exist in law or in everyday life, and to undertake positive measures to bring about equality, including in access of, within, and through education.

In the informal settlement  women  fear for their safety, the young girls have no chance to receive a decent education  to better,  their lives which lead to  prostitution and short life.


Majority of young women living in the informal settlements have difficulties in accessing the information, in safe abortion hence leading to early death. https://nairobinews.nation.co.ke/life/unsafe-abortion-draining-hospital-cash/



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