A media center for creative minds

K-youth Media provides media literacy education to the creative Youths in Eastern Part of Nairobi with innovative classes, hands-on workshops, and outreach programs to schools and other community partners. Classes, camps, and workshops are offered in a wide range of media including digital video, film making, photography, animation, and Broadcast Journalism. Our Youth Media Program teaches Slum teens media skills and career readiness skills.

Welcome to K-youth Media!

K-YOUTH MEDIA is a non-profit making youth organization founded in 2011, whose main goal is to equip young people from the urban slums of Nairobi, both school going and non-school going with skills on media and communication for their personal and community development.   Its establishment was informed by the ambitious youth who had a strong desire for media but lacked finances to pursue the same. Media and film training has been out of reach of many young people from Nairobi’s informal settlements. KYM offers an exceptional and free training for these youths with an aim of contributing to their economic and social development. To date K-Youth has trained close to fifty young people from Korogocho’s informal settlements.

Strategic Objectives

To learn from and support community media initiatives.   To offer a learning opportunity to talented youth in the fields of filmmaking and media production.   Offer learning opportunity for students still at school to nurture talent, actualize potential and acquire basic storytelling and production skills.   Use media as an avenue to empower communities and be able to use media as a social purpose storytelling mode.